New job

February 12, 2009

This year started off fine with a new job. I quit the company I joined just 25 months earlier, in itself a defeat. Though I gained much useful experience there, some signals convinced me to move on, and now I am quite happy that I did so. I joined Steria Norway to work as a senior system consultant, and so far it looks quite promising. The company is internationally focused and one is encouraged to build networks outside one’s country, something I find interesting. There is constant pressure to improve; yesterday I finished the second exam in order to achieve my OCA certification (Last December Oracle introduced a second exam as a requirement for the OCA). And I won’t stop there.

What else; two weeks ago I gave another thought about using Facebook; understanding that social networking on the net is important I concluded that I should give it another try, and reactivated the account after more than a year off. What matters is probably what one publishes there, and not being there or not. This post has been an exception to my rule; I should get back to writing about the database.