About me

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Hi, my name is Øyvind Isene and I run this place.

I live in Arendal, Norway, and work as an independent consultant. I often work as an Oracle DBA, on Linux preferably, but I am gradually doing more data-centric development, data science, and integration.

I’ve spent quite some time in the Oracle community, and enjoy connecting with other people. Travel is fun, especially if I can combine it with work and meet challenges in other cultures.

Optimization aka tuning has been one of my longest-standing interests. Frequently the database gets all the blame, but the Oracle database is well instrumented. In normal words that means it has a lot of runtime information about what is going on. So there is usually a pretty good chance to find where the error or bottleneck is. Even if it is outside the database, which happens often – 9 out of 10 cases are related to wrong logic, or just a badly designed application – it can show you where the problem is.

Enesi? Well, that is just my surname reversed. I also like prime numbers. According to this link , it is a name of African origin that means a good person. In Maasai it means doctor . I suppose I can strive to be a good person who can heal some of your database problems.

In February 2021 I started on my own. If you have a relevant challenge, do get in touch, you can reach me at oyvind@enesi.no


Oracle ACE Associate

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Enesi Consulting AS