OOW 2014

September 24, 2014

conferences, travel

There is one night every year I can stay up as long as I can manage without fearing the next day. Because, on that particular day I can sleep as much as I want on the plane, trying to fool my body into GMT-8, better known as PDT or  Pacific Daylight Time. Yes, it is Oracle Open World again, in the second nicest city in the world, only beaten by Rio de Janeiro.

It is also an opportunity to blog at an unusual hour (at least for me). Though it is not like many have inquired about my travel plans, but it feels good to put it down in writing that I am happy to see Oracle friends again, some I only see in SFO.

Since last OOW, I became an Oracle ACE Associate, and more than ever I am looking forward to meet friends in the OTN Lounge, and that party, you know.

What else… OUGN is paying for most of my expenses and my employer is letting me go, so I’ll try to give them both some satisfaction back. Mostly I will try to target and convince some speakers to come to our conference next year, increasingly known as the Boat Conference. If you are reading this and are curious, please interrupt me whatever I’m doing (mostly).

I’ve learned a few lessons and so far not overloaded my agenda. This week I will go to the global user group leaders meeting (IOUC) on Thursday and Friday. Wednesday morning until 2 pm I’ll be at the EMEA user group stand. I will go to different sessions at the Oaktable World, hang out on different social events and of course a bunch of sessions.

Somewhat related, Tim Hall, aka Oracle-Base blogged this today. Surely he will feel reinvigorated after the Bloggers' Meetup and the small talk with Oracle Nerds from all over the world looking for freebies in the OTN Lounge.

The easiest way to get in touch during OOW next week, is probably on Twitter.


PS. I did not know how to spell reinvigorated, the spell checker helped me.
PS2. Come to think about it, there are probably a few more late nights without anxiety the following day. But I can’t find a better opening right now.