Hi there!

May 27, 2017

I just got started.

With a new blogging platform. I was frustrated with the way things went and wanted to start over with something else, something simple and not pretentious at all. Something that let me spend time on writing the post, and not on formatting the code when I had some SQL to show. Just plain and simple.

My previous blog used to be mostly about Oracle, but I spend more and more time looking into Hadoop, Spark and related software. I wanted a new place where I can blog exactly about what I am working on without worrying if it fits in. If I solve a problem with Spark on my mini-cluster I now have a place to share it.

I’m still an Oracle DBA, but my interest has shifted towards the data, and not so much about backup and recovery. Maybe it was the anxiety when doing alter database open resetlogs that made me move on.

I may add some pictures, right now I just want to get started with the blogging. We’ll see.