2020 has been a tough year for many, but I can’t complain considering what other people have gone through. While others lost their job due to the shutdown, I could work from home for extended periods.

If you try to import large Excel files to SQL Developer, it may hang for a long time. But let say you like SQL Developer very much, or you are too lazy to find another tool, here is a way to load large Excel files. By converting the Excel files to CSV SQL Developer can load it much faster.

I was supposed to do something else that involved using the package UTL_HTTP from the database accessing an URL over HTTPS. Instead I lost several hours troubleshooting ORA-29024: Certificate validation failure and ORA-28750: unknown error (Nice error the last one).

Oracle Developer Community

Most of my work in the Oracle world has been DBA-oriented. But for the last years, I have rediscovered the joy of development and data analysis. When I haven’t been writing the code myself, I have often helped other developers when they connect to the Oracle database, and their program does not perform as expected.