My name is all over this site, and I live in Oslo. I usually work as an Oracle DBA, on Linux preferrably, but when I can, I spend time looking into data science, Hadoop, Spark and related software.

I’ve spent quite some time in the Oracle community, and enjoy connecting with other people. Travel is fun, especially if I can combine it with work and meet challenges in other cultures.

Optimization aka tuning has been one of my longest standing interests. Frequently the database gets all the blame, but luckily the Oracle database is well instrumented. In normal words that means it has a lot of runtime information about what is going on. So there is usually a pretty good chance to find where the error is, even if it is outside the database, which happens often – 9 out 10 cases are related to wrong logic, or just a badly designed application.

Enesi? Well, that is just my surname reversed. I also like prime numbers.

My CV is more or less updated on LinkedIn, but I’m pretty happy where I am, working for Bicon/Sysco, so not really looking for a new employment.

Otherwise, do get in touch, I’ll try to respond; I can always say no if it is not a good time.


Oracle ACE